Decision paralysis is a real thing, sometimes it's a sign you have a lot of good options laid out a head of you. In start-ups, that's not always a bad situation to be in. There's several good paths you could follow, many of which could lead to the 'next big thing'™️.

But it can also be a huge detriment, faced with too many good options, it can sometimes be tempting to try to follow each thread to its conclusion. Or to maybe just dip your toes into each one a little bit. Before you know it, you've fallen down the rabbit hole. You're aggressively trying to keep up with several different tracks. It becomes difficult to plan, things begin to chop and change as each priority competes with one another. It becomes difficult to market as the message becomes muddied and diluted by ten other messages. It becomes difficult for sales as they have to continually keep up with what it is they're selling exactly.

Then comes the even more paralysing effect, the worry that things could shift entirely again in a weeks time, rendering all this work and effort redundant. Which in turn is demotivating, difficult to work against, and not a good long-term strategy.

Things always chop and change in business, especially in young tech businesses. Of course, we preach being 'agile', we pivot, we deal in paradigm shifts and fundamental changes. But sometimes it's important to pick a lane, lay a foundation and nurture a deep root at the core of the business to stem from. Let the experiments and changes grow as cautious saplings, rather than new branches. Form a crux that you can fall back on, that all your efforts feed into, that can provide the firm ground for new ideas.

Experiment, but remember to pick a lane.