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Monzo IFTTT Integration - Burrito alarm

Monzo are really leading the way when it comes to technology and banking. Take for example the recent release of Monzo's IFTTT integration. This allows you to trigger events across loads of different services and API's, in order for you to create custom, event driven actions based on certain events. Such as spending money with your Monzo account.

This got me thinking, how could I use this tech to better myself? Well, it was through using Monzo for a few years now that I realised I'd spent over £1000 on Burritos. But knowing this didn't really go far enough in stopping me, I just vowed to never search for that particular statistic ever, EVER again.

With IFTTT however, I can take a more real-time, preventative measure. That's why I decided to utilise this new tech, in order to immediately shame me on Twitter for buying a burrito. As it happens, I managed to build it on my lunch break (not whilst eating a burrito...)!

So here's how I did it.

Step one, the if:

This triggers an event every time I spend money on my Monzo card.

Step two, a custom filter rule:

Here you can insert arbitrary Javascript in order to interact and to perform checks on the incoming event. In this case, I wanted to check if the incoming merchant name contained a few keywords relevant to my particular burrito habbit.

If the event can be deemed irrelevant, i.e, does not contain any of those keywords. We can move on and ignore this event.

Step three, the shaming:

You can pass a few parameters from your trigger to your action, in this case Monzo allow quite a few, including merchant name, the amount, the currency etc. Really useful! You can see a full list of the capabilities for the Monzo integration here.

That's the future folks, and it's here! 🚨🌯