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Welcome to my guide to writing microservices in Golang. This will be a multi-part series, consisting of 10 core articles, covering everything from frameworks, to CI tools, to databases.

The core technologies used throughout this series are:

  • Golang
  • Kubernetes
  • Github Actions
  • gRPC
  • Micro (microservice framework for Go)
  • MongoDB
  • Postgres
  • Docker
  • Google Cloud


  1. Part one - gRPC
  2. Part two - Docker + Micro
  3. Part three - Datastores + Docker Compose

Note: the following parts are currently being updated
4. Part four - Authenticaton with JWT
5. Part five - Event Brokering with Micro
6. Part six - Web clients with React
7. Part seven - Infrastructure as Code with Terraform
8. Part eight - Kubernetes and the Cloud
9. Part nine - Deployments with Github Actions
10. Part ten - Summary

More parts to follow soon. Including: testing, none Go services, auto-scaling, and more in the pipeline.

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